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Endorsements & Praise for Mosby's Raiders Return

"Mosby’s Raiders Return is a sequel to Legacy of the Gray Ghost and takes off right where the first book ends. Another winner for Gerry Zimmerman. What a great story! Old familiar characters and new exciting ones keep the reader waiting to see what happens next. This is not your typical football story, but a story of life, the beginning of a new age in sports and education. The writer has captured life on an all-male university as it should have been, funny and entertaining. Very nicely done."
- Rated: 5 Stars - READERS' FAVORITE

Endorsements & Praise for Legacy of the Gray Ghost

“To totally enjoy this delightful novel it pays: First, to know your history of the Civil War; Second, to know your football and enjoy author Gerry Zimmerman’s detailed play by play summaries as he brings Coach Willie Hairston’s Raiders through an exciting season; and Third, to appreciate university life in the gentlemanly late 1950’s in beautiful Virginia. I really recommend this book to the reader who loves good fiction.”
- Bill Baker
Former President of the Motion Picture Association; Former Assistant Director & Chief Spokesperson of the F.B.I.; Former Director of Public Affairs, C.I.A.

“Being a Virginia native, and an avid horseman, who lives in the area where “Legacy” takes place, I am very familiar with the legendary Gray Ghost. I always love rehearing the tales of his exploits. I also found myself laughing and cheering for the Mosby football team and it’s coach, Willie Hairston, as they faced many obstacles to their success. As a criminal attorney who often represents the underdog seeking justice, I could relate to the team’s satisfaction of achievement from hard work and determination. This is a must read for those who refuse to surrender.”
- Blair D. Howard
Attorney at Law, Warrenton, VA; Virginia’s famous trial attorney and an avid horseman and foxhunter. Howard has handled numerous high profile cases during his career and defended people like Lorena Bobbitt and Susan Cummings, the heiress who shot her Argentinean polo playing lover in self defense. Howard is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and has successfully represented many defendants in high-profile criminal trials. He has been selected by his peers as one of the Best Lawyers in America for over 10 years running and has been perennially named as one of the metropolitan D.C. area’s SUPER LAWYERS by the Washingtonian Magazine.

"Deep in enemy territory with no easy way to escape is just how a lot of people like it. "Legacy of the Gray Ghost" tells the story of John Mosby and his band of raiders who dared to go deep into Union territory...A fun and exciting read of adventure..."Legacy of the Gray Ghost" is a CHOICE PICK."
- The Midwest Book Review

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Silver Medal Award
Mosby's Raiders Return was honored with the 2013 Silver Medal Award for Sports Fiction by ReadersFavorite.com
Gold Medal Award
Legacy of the Gray Ghost was honored with the Gold Medal Award as the Best Southern Fiction Book in 2011 by ReadersFavorite.com
Book Of The Year Award
Legacy of the Gray Ghost was honored with the 2011 Historical Fiction Book of the Year Award by BooksandAuthors.net